How to use the small oled display using ssd1306

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I am developing my own custom board using CC6UL and almost IO are working well.
So, these days I am trying to connect peripherals,
At this time SSD1306 is my subject.
I have already adopted some other I2C sensors, however, this kind of display IC are different since all sources are using a specific library like PIL or pillow for RaspPi and framebuf for Micropython.
So I can’t modify these for my custom OS.
Do you have any solution for it?
here’s the link for it:

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if you have sources you should be able to cross-compile the library using Digi toolchain for cc6ul, which you can either generate yourself or use a rebuild one form cc6ul support page.

Found someone who posted some modded CircuitPython libraries. This worked for me in getting an XBee3 to drive an SSD1306 OLED.