Help with XBee3 Module and SSD1306

I would very much like a recommendation for a library in Micropython that I can use on my XBee3 module to display messages on an OLED display based on SSD1306. I was unable to find such libraries compatible with XBee 3. Even if i have the Micropython plugin installed i do not have access to ssd1306 or framebuf library listed in the micropython documentation that are necessary for me to use when i display a message.

I would suggest the I2C interface option via 14. Using a SSD1306 OLED display — MicroPython latest documentation

You are going to need to see what Python version it supports. Hopefully it will be the same 3.5V that the XBee supports.

it is compatible. I need the library because i cannot import it in my project. I was wondering if i could get help in this regard because on the github repository for micropython there are examples with codes for this display but i cannot find the code itself.

What I would suggest is that you download it from Gethub. Then drag it into your Library folder in PyCharm.