Do Xbees running in AT mode send any delimiters for end of line ?


I have a setup using

1 Xbee Series 2 - plugged into a Sparkfun USB Adaptor inserted into a MAC ( End Device AT mode)

1 Xbee Series 2 - plugged into a Paralax USB Adapter and inserted in a Raspberry Pi ( Coordinator AT mode)

I have installed XCTU on my mac and my End Device Xbee can receive messages form my Coordinator Xbee.

However I am having trouble reading the data sent from my End Device Xbee. The data is being sent but I can’t pick it up with my node-red serial node. I think this is because it can’t read the end of line delimiter.

Can you please confirm what delimiters are sent with the data from try End Device.

Is an end on line character sent and if so what is it ?

I have tried configuring for ’
’ but that doesn’t seem to work.

Is it ‘\r’ or is no end of line sent ?

Thanks in advance.

There are no characters sent by the radio. Think of it as nothing more than a cable. Does a cable send a character if you don’t provide one? No, it does not. Same with the XBee. The XBee modules in transparent mode means just that. It is Data in = data out. Try making sure you use Hardware flow control to make sure you are sending the data Only when the radio is awake.