Does DigiMesh devices with different ID (network ID) hop messages to different network?

Does DigiMesh devices (Specifically Xbee SX 900) configured with different ID values (Say 0x7FFF and 0x7FFE) hop messages from a different network ID? E.g.:

  1. Device 1: ID=0x7FFF
  2. Device 2: ID=0x7FFE
  3. Device 3: ID=0x7FFF

Now let’s say Device 1 sends a message to Device 3, but Device 3 can’t directly hear Device 1. Will Device 2 with a different network ID act as a hopping node in this situation and retransmit the message if it can hear Device 1, or will it ignore the received message?

EDIT: I tested and the answer is, no, Device 2 won’t work as a hopping node if network ID differs.

I want to create two separate networks that don’t interfere with each other on the same devices. Will different network IDs be sufficient, or do I forget something?

No, devices with different network ID’s will not communicate at all.

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