Communication xbee radios with different PAN ID's

Hi, Im using an Xbee PRO 900HP, I have sections with differents PAN ID’s, and my question is, if is possible to communicate with different ids at the same time. I read in this manual, its possible writing in the ID 0xFFFFF, but Im not sure wich model can do this, even if the model Im using.

Thank you.

No this is not a Zigbee enabled product. The supported value for ID is form 0 - 0x7FFF.
ID (Network ID)

This command applies to the XBee-PRO 900HP RF Module.

Set or read the user network identifier.

Devices must have the same network identifier to communicate with each other.

Devices can only communicate with other devices that have the same network identifier and channel configured.

When receiving a packet, the device check this after the preamble ID.

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Thank you so much for your answer!