Does the cell modem in the LTE WR21 support IPV6 addresses

I received a notice that Verizon is not going to issue IPV4 public addresses after June 30th, 2017. Does the cell modem in the WR21 support IPV6 cellular addresses?


Currently the Transport range does not support IPv6 on the WAN interfaces this is currently being worked on.

The notice from Verizon is for new installations and if you are using IPv4 public address this will not change



Thanks. I am currently using public addresses an am continuing to add new WR21’s to our system that need new public addresses. I an not using the WAN but instead a serial 485 interface. So what I am really wondering is if the WWAN supports IPV6.


Hi the WAN interface in this case is Cellular WWAN with Verizon

An as stated no it will not support IPv6 at this moment in time.

Verizon have know changed that date to middle of 2018