Does the WR11 XT have support for partial MAC filtering?

It won’t accept a partial mac (11:22:33) instead of a full MAC (11:22:33:44:55:66) in the web interface.


Where are you trying to filter mac addresses on a wr11 ?

if you are using the filter function of the analyiser you can use partials but you have to use ethernet source and with “~” with out “”


Thanks for the reply James.

I’m trying to use the router’s web interface under Network -> Ethernet -> MAC Filtering.

I’m confused by what you mean by with “~”. Could you give me an example of what I should put in the add MAC field in the aforementioned section of the web interface? I’m trying to filter our any traffic that doesn’t come from MAC beginning with 11:22:33.

– Travis


the web interface will not let you add an entry that is not the normal mac address

but you can add a full address then once added you can then change the entry and apply it. else you can add it through the CLI command

macfilt 0 mac “6431502ccf02”
macfilt 1 mac “009c0219”



Thanks James!