Does two Xbee pro s2's work out of box straight away as a wireless Uart?

Hi there,
I have two Xbee pro s2 devices and want to use both as a wireless Uart at 9.6k (default). I did not use X-CTU or AT commands to configure. I just needed to use it straightaway out of box. So I plug it up and tried to send data (from a uC @9.6k), but I get nothing from the second Xbee pro module. Pin 13(status) of both modules are high and pin15(Associate) is also high. I understand that it should toggle when it connected to another module. Which means in my case both modules dont pair or communicate.
So my question is do I have to do any configuration before even use it as a simple wireless Uart?
I greatly appreciate if someone can tell me why it doesnt work out of box.
Regards, Don.

The S2 modules with ZB firmware run the ZigBee protocol. ZigBee requires that there be a coordinator module on your network. That means even with two modules, one of your modules needs to be loaded with the ZB Coordinator firmware in X-CTU.

If your project only involves paired connections (cable replacement) then you might want to check out the 802.15.4 XBees, which will pair with each other right out of the box (though I would recommend changing the PAN ID away from the default on these to avoid interference from other brand-new modules they might encounter out in the wild).