Does Xbee3 support ZigBee 3.0 Green Power?

We are planing to implement sensor nodes powered by an energy harvester. I’ve done a quick search in the user manual of Xbee3 ZigBee, but I could not find any reference to Green Power (Device/Sink/Proxy). So my questions:

  1. Does Xbee3 (or any other products of Digi) support ZigBee 3.0 Green Power Device?
    If yes, please point me to a user guide or a tutorial.
    If no, do you plan to support it in the future? Any roadmap?

  2. If I understand correctly, Green Power is included in ZigBee 3.0. Does it mean that Xbee3 ZigBee will support Green Power Proxy and Green Power Sink which are compatibles with Green Power Device nodes from other vendors?

Thank you in advance for any comment and suggestion,

We do not actively support Green Power devices. Though, if you configured the XBee as a proxy (set AO=3) then you should be able to receive Green Power messages, but we don’t support generating them.

set Bit AO = 3 means, do I set AO in XCTU to 0x08 in hex.

In XCTU set AO to 0x03. This should output the receive API frames out the UART. Read the description for the AO configuration here:

I have changed AO to 0x03, but still I am not receiving any Green Power packets through UART. is there any specific model of Xbee3 should I use ?

Same here. Also tried AO=0x0F.