XBee Sensor compatible with proprietary network?

We currently have a proprietary Zigbee network where all the devices are ours and we have a proprietary protocol. The XBee is configured with AO = 0 and we receive packets from our devices using frame type 0x90.

I’ve been asked if we can use your XBee Sensors and the one issue I can see is that the sensors probably use ZDOs and I would need to set AO = 1 to be able to receive the sensor packets via frame type 0x91.

Am I correct in assuming the sensors use ZDOs and that I would be unable to receive the packets when AO = 0. Is there any way to integrate the sensors into this kind of network?


No, the XBee ZB Sensors do not require the use of ZDO commands. They simply use the API interface with ADC values.

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