Doubts about the Packet size (PK)


In the product manul of Xtend modem says that “If PK is set above 256 and BR is subsequently changed to 0, PK will automatically be lowered to 256” and says "When BR = 0 (9600 baud), the maximum PK value is 0x100 (256d). When BR = 1 (115,200 baud), the maximum PK value is 0x800 (2048d). I think 256 is 256Bytes and 2048 is 2048bytes. However on page 52 (repeater mode) says “The network supports RF packets up to 2048 bytes (when the RF data rate is set at 9600 bps (BR= 0))”. I am using repeater mode, So I want to know what setting should I consider for the network packet is of 2048bytes, because if BR = 0 PK maximum package will be only 256

Figure the max packet size will be 256 bytes.

Hello again

Unfortunately I did not understand your answer.

Did you understand my question?

Yes I do and when using repeater mode, the maximum packet size is 256 bytes.