download file from serial link

I have a digi connect me + integrations kit.
I have to download i file (txt) on the module with web access (i allready do that).
Now i need to download the file from the serial link.
Is it possible ??

I have to do that because from internet i upload i file to the module (configurations file for my card).
Then the card from the rs232 link have to download the file to get the configuration.



Depends on how you want to download the file. The ME has a standard serial connection, so you can do any of the following:

  1. Create your own protocol and send the file. Line by line is best.
  2. Use one of the standard protocols like xmodem, zmodem, or ymodem.
  3. You have a very powerful processor in the ME. Decode what you want from the file there and then send the values.

If you have to preserve formatting, then #2 is pretty good. There are literally hundreds of protocol descriptions for xmodem available on the net. I use xmodem in the other direction (sending a file to the ME from the serial port) to do firmware upgrades on the ME.


Hi erik,
thanks for your answer.
I Know is it possible, but i don’t have the development kit.
I have the integration kit, so i cant change the firmware of the connect me module.
I whant to know if there is somne standar function to do with the stanfaìdard firmware.
I mind, with the web interface i download i file on the module, and with the serial link a upload the file.

With yours solutions i have to modify the fimware of the module, i don’t whant to do that.

Best regards
Michele Esposito

The Integration kit firmware does not possess the ability that you are looking for. As Erik has pointed out this would certainly be feasible with our Development kit. Otherwise the only other option available to you would be speaking with your Digi sales representative and discuss the option of a Special Project Request (SPR).


Whoops! I didn’t notice that it wasn’t a dev kit.
Sorry for any confusion.