Driver for AccelePort Xem 16 port - Tru64 Unix V5.1B?

Ref: Xem + Tru64 v5.x


Your website states that the driver to be used is kit 4001180K.tar, which is version v1.5.1.
(Digi AccelePort Device Driver Package" (DGIEPC151))

However I find V1.7.0 installed at a customer site.
I’m told released in 2004.

Could you please advise what is the latest version to be used in AlphaServer DS20E and DS25 on Unix Tru64 v5.1B.

Is V1.7.0 tested on DS25?

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Digi International no longer supports this driver/O.S. combination.

I recommend contacting the HP Alpha group to determine whether they have a newer version available.