Dual Core CPU issues

Pci Xem 16 Driver version seems to have problems executing on a Dell dual core pc running Windows XP. Anyone else having this difficulty?

I have not heard of any issues yet.
Are you running the 64 bit or the 32 bit version of Windows Xp?
Did you uninstall the adapter from the device manager, run the Digiclean.cmd, then scan for new hardware to install the new drivers?
Is the EBI cable from the host adapter connected to the external ports module’s EBI IN or the EBI OUT connector?
How many external ports modules are connected?
Please provide a better description of the problem than “seems to have a problem executing”.

Well, first, I appreciate the quick response. Second, I have stuck my foot-in-mouth. Turns out, my problem was my own. I was accidently using the same event handle in an overlapped structure for two different types of comm type events on the comport. Apparently, the operating system does nasty things when you do this. I used seperate event handlse and now things work perfectly. Thanks.