Duplicate PortSever configuration to another Linux host

Hi all.
I have a RHEL 5 server on which I have about 120 Digi port servers configured.
For redundancy, I have another RHEL 5 host.
What would be the best way to duplicate the configuration from the current ‘live’ host to the backup machine?
Do I just need to copy the dgrp.backing.store to the backup machine?


I must just add that I have loaded the realport drivers on the backup machine, it’s just that I have not configured any devices yet.

Yes, you will want to copy the /etc/dgrp.backing.store file over to the backup host for the unit driver settings.

Thanks for the reply.
And it is just as simple as that?
Just copy the /etc/dgrp.backing.score across and start up the Digi daemons?


Yes, that is all that is needed for the daemons.

Obviously, port configurations would involve other files (i.e. inittab, printers.conf, etc…).

Also, you cannot open a port simultaneoulsly from both servers. Only one at a time or you will get a race condition.