Dynamic C 10.21 Hangs

It is very frustrating. Dynamic C 10.21 hangs all the time. I have a dual core machine and I am using what is recommended in technote 257. It did not help me at all. Has anyone have any success with eliminating Dynamic C freezeups on a dual core machine?

I use 10.21 on a single core machine. It hangs up all the time due to a drastic memory leak during compile. It is easy to check if this could be what is going on for you by watching the memory use of DC in Windows TaskManager.

Thank you, EdS.

I will check it out. Interesting thing is that when I used DC 10.09 on a single core machine, it always worked fine. Now, I have both DC 10.09 and 10.21 on a dual-core system and both of them freeze.

A comment from Rabbit Semiconductor would be appreciated. It really makes DC unusable!

Hey guys,

I have the same prob, at irregular intervals. I just Task Manager end process, then re-open. It’s a bit of a bug, but I’m sure they’ll fix it in the next release…


Hi all,

It appears I resolved Dynamic C freezes on my machine. I have a DELL Latitude D820 notebook. It has a NVIDIA graphics card. As part of the driver installation for the card there is nView Desktop Manager software. From what I understand, it resides in memory and monitors and makes necessary adjustments for how various applications use graphics card… Anyway, after disabling it, Dynamic C seems to work without any hickups.

I hope other people find this info useful.