Dynamic C Compiling without a target Board

Hi, I am new to Dynamic C environment, using windows 10. I am trying to compile some example codes with Dynamic C 9.21. These example codes are simple and just arithmetic computation with output being displayed as printf(). I am getting the following error when i try to compile.
“While Sending Pilot BIOS: Target communication error.”

How do i get rid of the error and use the environment for compiling without a target board. Obviously i will later on be using it with the target board.

You are probably having an issue with the data through put, see the knowledgebase article below which shows how to slow the speed of the USB comport, you will need to go to windows 10 Device manager and under your usb comport, go to advanced settings and changed the latency number to 3.


To compile without having the target board, go to options, project options, targetless and select your board then go to compile and select compile to .bin file.

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Also verify that you are using Digi’s usb-to-serial cable, this is a special cable. You can purchase this on Digi’s website

As detailed in Campbell’s answer, it’s possible to compile your program to a .bin file to verify that you don’t have any syntax errors in your code.

But you need a target board to run the .bin file (loaded to the board with RFU, the Rabbit Field Utility), or to use the interactive debugger of Dynamic C’s IDE.