Edgeport/416 device randomly resetting in Linux


We’ve recently purchased an Edgeport/416 unit and are experiencing some issues running the unit in a Linux based environment.

Initially after plugging the device in, the device seems to work as I would expect then at some point it would appear as if the device spontaneously resets itself.
I see some flickering amber lights, followed by a single red light flash, then back to flashing green.

The unit appears to repeat this cycle every few minutes (no defined interval, but ranges from a dozen seconds to a dozen minutes.)

We have the newer TI chipset version of the 416 (P/N 50001359-01), and have tried running this in four different Fedora release versions:

  • FC12 i686 : kernel *
  • FC14 x86_64 : kernel
  • FC15 x86_64 : kernel
  • FC16 i686 : kernel

All of which give the same results.
The FC12 system is currently running with 3x Edgeport/8 devices with no issues (also based on TI chipset/using the io_ti driver.)

To verify the hardware, I plugged the unit into a laptop running Windows XP SP2, and installed the drivers. After a couple resets the driver installation completed and the device seemed to come up fine with the edgeport device utility showing all of the ports. A quick local-loopback test showed no issues, and then I left the unit plugged in for a good 35minutes or so constantly monitoring the state of the LEDs - they remained green (slowly flashing) the entire time.
I assume this means that there isn’t anything wrong with the hardware itself, so I’m at a loss as to what the issue here actually is (other than the device not being properly supported under Linux/Fedora.)

For reference, I’ve attached an excerpt of the /var/log/messages file with messages related to the device.

Maybe another question is, does anyone have a TI-based Edgeport/416 device successfully running in Linux, and if so which distribution/kernel are you running?

Well, unfortunately we were unable to get this device to work properly in any Linux configuration we tried, so it looks like we’ll be returning this unit.