newer edgeport/416 and linux

it seems like something has changed in the newer edgeport/416. we have a 50001361-01 C unit that behaves quite a bit differently than our 50001361-01 B models.

i am pretty sure this isnt a broken hardware problem since the unit does work fine with windows 7.

under linux, the rev C model appears to restart itself about once per minute. it is almost like there is a now a watchdog that needs reset from the software driver. also, 3 of the ti chips never seem to stay programmed. they always come up in ‘BOOT MODE’ according to the io_ti driver (which makes it decision based on the number of endpoints advertised by the ti usb/serial chip) and need to get firmware downloaded. unfortunately the firmware shipped with the linux kernel is a bit old and might not be the best match for the newer edgeport’s.

can someone tell me how the rev C hardware is different?

i have tried quite a few kernels, 2.6.16, 2.6.34, 3.4.mumble. i am pretty sure it isnt any of these issues. regardless, it doesnt explain the edgeport seemingly constantly rebooting one a minute.

Please contact Digi Technical Support