Edgeport/416 - openSuse 11.3


I’m trying to use the Edgeport/416 under openSuse 11.x - I’m having issues…

Under 11.3 [ Kernel] I get a “kernel Oops” if the device is unplugged or disturbed, such that the entire USB susbsytem fails.

Under 11.2 [2.6.31 kernel], I get no ports after reboot, and a variable number of port after a reinsert.

I haven’t tried 11.1 [2.6.27 Kernal] yet.

Reading the Ubuntu thread below, and a certain amount of googling suggests that these issues are known.

Where do I go from here?

I’m presuming there is a “known working” set of driver code somewhere for one or other of these kernels? If so, where do I get it?

This may possibly be a kernel regression that has been reported here:


According to the post 2.6.33 was stable.


That’s why I went back to openSuse11.2/ [2.6.31 kernel].

Unfortunately, I believe there were also issues with 2.6.31. 2.6.33 looks like your best bet.


There’s no version of suse I’m aware of that uses 2.6.33.

Guess I’ll have to use another distro then. I need a fix pretty fast.

Are there any known issues with Ubuntu10.10? I’m in the process of installing it now

Just for posterity, openSUSE11.1 works OK with the latest kernel -

It even survives a disconnect/reconnect while I/O is going on. (Something Ubuntu 10.10 didn’t manage)