Edgeport BSOD on any use

I just received my Edgeport/2c and I’m trying to get it operational on my Windows 7 laptop. I can see the ports in device manager and everything seems operational.

When I try to use the ports, I immediately get a BSOD. This happens also when using configuration utility immediately when pressing Begin Test button.

The BSOD messages refers to nusb3hub.sys - page fault in non-paged area. Any suggestions?


  1. Which Edgeport driver version are you running? To determine this, run the Edgeport Configuration Utility, click the Version tab and note the version of the first file “edgeser(64).sys”.

  2. Are you running any anti-virus software? If so, disable it, for troubleshooting purposes, then see if the BSOD still happens while it’s disabled.

Thanks for your prompt reply.

My driver is version 5.30.02. I do run anti-virus software. I’ll test again with it disabled.

I have since tested other ports and have found that my USB 2.0 ports work properly while the USB 3.0 ports result in the BSOD.

This is not a problem. I can use the 2.0 ports and avoid the 3.0 ports when using the device.

The issue is probably due to a bug in the Edgeport driver, and the bug fix should be included in the next Edgeport driver release. If you’d like, I can send you a newer beta Edgeport driver that includes the fix. However, since it’s beta, and hasn’t been thoroughly tested, I don’t really recommend it. Instead, I suggest using a USB 2.0 port as a workaround like your’re doing.

I’ll use the 2.0 ports until an updated driver is released. Thanks for the information. Now I won’t do any further testing with the 3.0 ports and I won’t be hesitant to use them with other devices.

I get the same BSOD on the 4 port. All ports and Coms are assigned but the minute I try to use system crashes. I have tried on USB2.0 on WIN 7 Ultimate 64 Bit… Asus Board 16 Gig ram i7 second gen processor.


If this issue is outstanding, I suggest opening a support case with us to troubleshoot. We will likely start by asking you for a memory dump.


Update the device with newer driver and firmware