Error installing epca driver on Solaris 10

I am having trouble getting the driver installed for my customer’s AccelePort C/X PCI card. When I run setup, all goes well until the following error:

pkgadd: ERROR: The package has = true and = true: the package may set either parameter to true, but may not set both parameters to true. NOTE: if the package contains a request script, it is treated as though it has = true

ERROR: package cannot be installed on this system/zone

1 package was not processed!

I am using the driver that came with the card, 40001794_J.bin, and I also tried downloading it with the same result.

I did try changing the line inside the script where it sets =true, but then pkgadd freaks out and I get cpio errors.

The machine is a SunFire V240 with a basically default install, only the Global zone, and no non-oem software.

Any suggestions?

I’d recommend trying our pre-release ver. 2.0 epca driver for Solaris. You can find it here: