Solaris System file changes caused by loading the driver for AccelePort Xr

I am having AccelePort Xr Serial Card (Two port) on the the Sun Sparc machine with the operating system Solaris 2.6. I am able to load the driver for this successfully. When the serial port drivers are loaded from Digi Software and Drivers CD, all the driver files for this serial port are loaded in the /opt/epca directory. In addition to this, files are created in the directories “/dev/term” , “/dev/cua” (links are created in these directories since Solaris applications expect to have links in these directories.) Also the file /etc/system is modified to load the drivers at the boot time. My question is

I need to know all the system files(Solaris) which are newly created or modified by loading the serial port driver. If anyone has this information please let me know.


In order to answer that I’d need to know exactly which version of the epca driver you’re running, since the files may have changed over the versions. Once I get that, I can talk to one of the engineers that works on that driver.

I am using driver version 1.6.2 (mentioned in the Release
Notes 93000286_H for SOLARIS SPARC PCI ASYNC).

I asked your question of an engineer that works on this driver. He said that we don’t have a listing of the files modified by the driver, but running the pkgadd with a -v switch might give you some useful info about that. Also, make sure you “script” the install, so the output is all dumped into a file called typescript in the directory where you ran the “script” command.

I should also add that we don’t support Solaris 2.6 anymore, although the drivers still work with it (at this time).