Error message: "Could not open serial port"

I can compiler one or more files .c without problem (if I restart the Dynamic_C every 2-3 files because appear a “Time out” Error…) but without appearing cause during an other attempt of RUN, the program show this error message: “Could not open serial port”.
What is the problem? I have the RCM4500 with Dynamic ver 10.11 and Win Vista (:frowning: ).

Many thanks!



Now I’ve got the solution: don’t use Win Vista!!! With XP Pro there aren’t these problems.


I have the same problem, I try execute under Win Vista with real serial COM port, with USB-Serial and nothing, try under Win XP with similar conditions and does not work, with W98SE same problem. I have a development kit RCM4400W with DC v10.11, this is frustating, I tray to connect with other RCM like RCM3720 and does not work, but with DC v9.21 wors well.

Please I need help.



Hi all,

Be careful when you use the dual core PC. You need to do some setting. Please read this.