Error Updating XBee firmware - Device Region Differs

I am attempting to update an XBEE repeater from the gateway console in remote manager. I am getting the following error and am not sure how to update the region in the firmware to match the device.

Error Message: “Error updating XBee firmware: Device region (1) differs from the firmware one (99)”

You can’t. It means that the firmware you are trying to load is not supported on that module.

I created the profile using XCTU on the same hardware running the same radio firmware.

May I suggest you submit a Case to Digi Support. You can do that either by sending an email to or by logging into the Support portal. When you do, make sure you provide as much data as possible including any part numbers, firmware files being used and Error messages.

I’m having this same issue. Was there a resolution?

I would suggest reaching out to Digi Support by logging into and submitting a case. Make sure to include the full part number, firmware version and serial number for the device in question as well as any error messages you are getting.