Recovering from "Could not find a firmware for selected device" error

Product: XB3-24
Function Set: Digi XBee3 Zigbee 3.0
Firmware Version: 1010 (the last that I was using wen the module was working)
XCTU Version: 6.5.12 Build 20221020-2

I’ve been using an XBee 3 for about a week and until this morning, everything was fine. Now, I get a “Search firwmare?” pop-up with the message, “Could not find a firmware for the selected device. Do you want to update the radio firmware library?”

If I select [Yes], “Look for and install new firmware” yields no new firmware options. There are no legacy firmware packages to choose, and I have no clue what the ZIP file’s contents would be when “Install fimrware from file” is selected.

The next logical choice seems like [Tools][Xbee recovery]. I can select 1010 or 100D. Both yield the same results, which bring me back to the error message for this posting.

What can be done to make this module usable again?

Firmware version 1010 was just released to production in the last few weeks. It will be released to the website and XCTU shortly if it has not already happened.