ESC key not working using Vi.

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I am unable to use Vi with the Sun Solaris Server since the ESC key isn’t working while connecting to the PortServer TS8.

The connection from the Sun to the TS8 was made using a cable that was made to be like the Cisco Console Adapter (RJ45-RJ45) in the documentation. All communication to Sun seems to work except for using the ESC key.

Port Configuration: Used default RealPort

Connection to the TS8 was made using CYGWIN terminal from a Window7 PC.

Can you help? Thank you


The following knowledge base might be useful if you are using telnet/SSH:

For Realport connectivity, you will want to check your stty settings:

intr = ^C

The response is closing the telnet session and doesn’t answer the question.

When I am using telnet and use Unix Vi to edit files, the ESC key doesn’t work to enable saving files. Due to the setup of the server, the only connection is using the serial port.

The direct connection to the Solaris server and PC COM1 port allows the use of Unix Vi editor. However, the connection through the PortServer TS8 disabled the ESC key which prevents the use of Vi.

Sorry, that was the wrong knowledge base article. Please refer to the following instead: