EtherLite 160 connection limitation?

I am trying to use the EtherLite 160 in my Cisco classroom. Each student will connect to the box using the driver loaded on their machines. Student A would connect to COM3, Student B would connect to COM4, etc.

In testing this, I am finding that only 6 or 7 computers can establish TCP connections to the EtherLite box. All other computers get stuck on SYN_SENT (as per TCPView).

Is this a hardware limitation? Firmware? Maybe just a tweak needs to be made to the firmware? I need a bit of help.

By the way, I was easily able to open all 12 sessions on a single computer with no problems at all, but this does not work for my needs.

EtherLite 160, Firmware 1.6, no virtual ports set.

You are correct, this is a hardware/firmware limitation. Please refer to the following KnowledgeBase article for details:

Oh no! This means this box will not work for my needs!

Does Digi have any kind of trade-up/upgrade policy? I have already invested too much time and energy to stop.

If you’ve purchased within 30 days, call your reseller. Otherwise, contact Digi Inside Sales at 952-912-3444.

By the way, the Portserver TS8 or Portserver TS16 can support up to 20 concurrent socket connections.

Alternate solutions might be to use a number of Etherlites which will suit your purpose, or use a Portserver TS8 or TS16 instead. The Portserver TS line of products uses the same Realport driver as the Etherlite does.

Additionally, our “Portserver TS” product line would work fine in this situation.