Etherlite 160 realport drivers

We currently use a large number of Etherlite 160s which we retrograde with special versions of the FAS firmware using legacy firmware and drivers provided by Digi, using Solaris 8.

We are migrating to Solaris 10 and have loaded the realport drivers to investigate their use in our systems. Previously, we had single device links in /dev/sts which a third party software application controlled, allowing selection of XON/OFF or RTS/CTS flow control through the application GUI.

We now find that there are two sets of drivers in /dev/dty, with suffices “s” and “m”, and the documentation implies “s” versions are used for XON/XOFF and “m” for RTS/CTS. This seems to have changed with a recent version of the drivers (40001174_T.bin) and was not the case a few years ago with an earlier version (which only put one set of drivers in /dev/dty which had no suffices).

Can you confirm that in fact either driver can be controlled for either type of flow control?

In Solaris, the s device is the non-blocking device and m is the blocking device (i.e. it waits for carrier - DCD). The m devices are commonly used for in-bound modems.

Either device can be set to use hardware or software flow control.

Thanks for the quick response!