Hardware Flow Control on AIX 5.3

I have configured a port on my Portserver TS8 using realport for AIX 5.3. Yet my software program, Esker’s vsi-fax throws the following error (see below), when trying to set hardware flow control.

lkwdev1:/# vfxadmin device -u -Q hard fax01
vfxadmin: Hardware flow-control mode not supported on this platform,
software flow control will be used
Device fax01 updated

I don’t expect debug of Esker’s problems, but I wanted to post my port config below and see if there is something incorrect with my settings. This port is being used for outbound faxing only w/ vsi-fax 6.0 using a MT5634ZBA series modem. Please let me know if you see a glaring error. Thanks!

TTY tty5
TTY type tty
TTY interface rs232
Description Asynchronous Terminal
Status Available
Location 00-00-00-06
Parent adapter sa0
PORT number [6] +
Enable LOGIN disable +
BAUD rate [19200] +
PARITY [none] +
BITS per character [8] +
Number of STOP BITS [1] +
TIME before advancing to next port setting [0] +#
TERMINAL type [dumb]
FLOW CONTROL to be used [rts] +
OPEN DISCIPLINE to be used [dtropen] +
STTY attributes for RUN time [hupcl,cread,brkint,ic> +
STTY attributes for LOGIN [hupcl,cread,echoe,cs8]
LOGGER name []
STATUS of device at BOOT time [available] +
STREAMS modules to be pushed at OPEN time [ldterm] +
Force Carrier disable +
INPUT map file [none] +
OUTPUT map file [none] +
CODESET map file [sbcs] +

POSIX special control characters:

INTERRUPT character [^c]
QUIT character [^]
ERASE character [^h]
KILL character [^u]
END OF FILE character [^d]
END OF LINE character [^@]
2nd END OF LINE character [^?]
SUSPEND PROCESS character [^z]
LITERAL NEXT character [^v]
START character [^q]
STOP character [^s]
WORD ERASE character [^w]
REPRINT LINE character [^r]
DISCARD character [^o]
Apply change to DATABASE only no +
Perform Cooked Processing in Adapter enable +
2200 Flow Control disable +
2200 Print Control disable +

The settings look perfect.

The error is clearly related to the Esker software.

The configuration can be tested fairly easily by using something outside of VSI-Fax:

  1. Turn the modem on.

  2. Access a root prompt on the AIX system. Add an entry for the device in the file /usr/lib/uucp/Devices. The following example allows a connection of 19200 baud to the device:

Direct tty5 - 19200 direct

Use the following command to connect to the modem:

cu -ml tty5

Use ATDT(phone_number) to call another modem that will allow you to login to a host (perhaps a modem on the same AIX host?). You can then send or get files using the ~%get or ~%put commands.