Portserver TS - DTR/RTS control via Realport under AIX

We have a legacy application that expects to access the modem via TTY and make changes to DTR & RTS on the fly to take modems out of the hung position or to force the modem to drop a connection.

Will we be able to do this with the PortServer TS and Realport under AIX ?

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If you can do these things with the standard AIX tty device (as in built-in server com port), you should be able to do this with your Realport devices as well. We try to emulate the standard device as closely as possible.

The main difference though is that you ARE going over a network connection of some type, so timing-sensitive (as in milliseconds) applications might have more of a problem, but it doesn’t sound like that would be a concern with the controlling of modems.

If this is something that is currently functioning on a built-in serial port, we would expect it would work using our RealPort driver, as RealPort is designed to closely resemble the built-in serial ports.