Etherlite and Virtual Port


How create virtual port under AIX 5.3 and with Etherlite 160?

please help me.


When you say “virtual port”, are you referring to a “tty” device in AIX?

If so, you will want to install our RealPort driver from:

Here are the driver installation instructions:


in the documentation refered to drivers : digiasync.ncxa.obj
in the drivers 3.8.7 it’s : digiasync.realport.obj

it’s the version of my etherlite :
? ver
Product: EL-160
FW Ver: V1.6

Ethernet: 00:A0:E7:23:70:8A
SN Mask:
UpTime: 2411 sec
Boot Host:
Bootfile: elr160.prm
VP Ports: 16
VP Timeout: 0 decisec
Optimize: throughput
TFTP of Bootfile timed-out

for virtual port :

on section “virtual port”

The Etherlite is already configured for 16 virtual ports. This would allow port sharing over and above the standard 16 tty devices.

Are you experiencing a problem? If so, please explain.

we have : tty1 to tty16 real port on port 1 to 16

when i want to creat tty17 on port 1 (virtual port on port1) Error : the tty is already configured.

it’s ok for you ?

You will want to specify that you have a 32 port unit within smit in order to get the virtual devices.

ok but how to specifie this ?

Select the EtherLite 32 model in “smit devices” under “Add a Digi Device or Terminal Server”.

ok, it’s good now, with this procedure :

  • Remove the device
    rmdev -l (sa#) -R

  • Add a digi device
    we have use “Other digi RealPort Produc”

  • Add tty
    we using the port 1 to 16 => for using the realport
    we using the port 17 to 32 => for using the virtualport

thank you for your help
and please update the documention about this.

very thank.