Example of XBEE ZNET ADC

please I need help with this.

i need a example because i can´t make the analog digital conversion because I canñt use the ATIT command

I have attached a pdf file of a simple ADC test I performed on the Znet 2.5 modules. I used a sample rate in my test to generate the packets but you could also use a remote AT command using the IS command to poll for a sample.
Instruction for remote AT command request (0x17) are found on page 60 of the product manual, found here.
Good luck with your testing.

I`m going to try and I tell you, thanks for the answer…

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ok, that example is perfect and working very good, thanks

but I want to configure a PIN in the COORDINADOR like an output analogic, i has been try with P0=1 but don´t understand the result.

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Hi, I’m new to these forums, and would like to know how to access this “attached pdf” mentioned?


This appnote provides both analog and digital I/O’s example using API command.


Hi everyone… I have been reading most of the documentation here in digi about XBEE. all of the examples for utilizing adc of xbee (mine is series 2) is only for 2 modules…

My project actually gathers 3 analog signals from sensors. I have already manage to design a simple conditioning circuits such that it will be giving a voltage output. Since I may need multiple nodes for my application and cant seem to configure my setup in a way examples are shown here, I ended up using a microcontroller and operating in AT mode. My setup is just a star network, having a single coordinator and 5 router/end devices which as of this moment it is already working, but with some timing errors in the serial interfacing. What I want to do is to eliminate the usage of MCU so to utilize the ADC ports of XBEE modules.

Hopefully someone may be able to enlighten me of how will be the setup be prepared.

thank you very much…

On the “IS” AT command packet, 64-bit address (DH & DL)is required for each individual COORDINATOR that needs to be addressed to avoid confliction for mutiple COORDINATORs.

7E 00 0F 17 01 ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? ?? 00 00 02 49 53 ??