Factory Settings to Xbee S2C Using SPI

Hi List,

I am working on Xbee S2C module for a custom board which has Xbee S2C SMT device on board which has a freescale micro(SPI Master) connceted to Xbee S2C(SPI Slave). I need to configure the Xbee SMT to a router and then communicate with other XBee devices in the zigbee network.

I have done the proof of concept with an already configured(using XCTU) Xbee device and was able to establish the communication. Only thing I am to do now is the configure the brand new Xbee, which is in its default settings to my custom settings.

I could not find any reference to start with. I have referred the following:

  1. An Introduction to SPI on XBee - Application note from DIGI. This has no info on making the custom settings from scratch.
  2. XBee®/XBee-PRO S2C Zigbee®.

But to no avail.

I am specifically looking for:

  1. How to configure a brand new Xbee device to respond to SPI communication on first time power on.
  2. How to configure the Xbee device as a Router, give it identifier and continue with my application code.

Spare me if this is a repetition. I am very new to the group. I have gone through the list searching for a similar problem.

Best regards