FAT16 with 2GB SD

Module LP3500 (it is an R3000)
Dynamic C 9.62

I need help with an SD with FAT16 to work up in the LP3500 platform.

  • I have already modified the SDFLASH.LIB to interface the SD in my design. SDFLASH_INSPECT.C (from RCM3900 samples) works fine.

  • I cannot run fat_create.c successfully given I receive the following… (if using #define debug in most of libraries…)

“_fat_EnumPartition()->Partition 0 has Invalid BPB”
This msj comes from the fat.lib however, before this is shown, I get a “Valid MBR” from the same library fat.lib
Invalid BPB is shown after a false comparison of las word read from sector1 and 0xAA55 signature (this signature belongs to FAT16 partition). The thing is… 0xAA55 is indeed there.!! I can see it with SDFLASH_INSPECT.C and even more, the SD works fine on a PC.

Does anybody tryed to work with those libraries successfully?
It seems not to work fine, I have been seeking for any solution since a month ago.
Please, somebody with same problem? Any Rabbit support engineer?

Please, we need help!

Thank you