Firewall Rule to route all HTTP and HTTPS to proxy server

After reading the Technical Note QN26:

I set up the following rule to pass all HTTP traffic through the proxy server:

pass out break end proto tcp from any to any port=http -> to port=3128 inspect-state

-Correct PPP Interface selected
-Is the first rule on the list

I have tested with my proxy and port (8080) and it works as intended if entered in windows internet options, but blocks all sites if entered on the Transport.Please help!

Also, can a url be used in this rule or only an IP address?


Is the proxy you using inside the network or on the internet?

as the rule changes the IP/Port and passes the traffic out of the wan interface.

you can use Hostname in firewall rules but the DNS resoluton would need to be working to resolve to the address


Proxy is on the internet (Provided by Barracuda) It is part of their Cloud Web Filtering.DNS resolution is also working. But the above rule is not. Any Suggestions?

Any idea why it isn’t working?