Garbage from XBee after power on


I’m trying to switching the XBee on and off by setting the power pin to high and low. I’m using API enable mode 2.

This seems to work fine for most of the time; after powering on I get the modem status hardware reset API frame, but occasionally, after powering on the XBee, I get this sequence of charactors (in hex): 80 78 80 00 80 78 00 78 f8 78 80 78 78 78 f8 00.

What gives?

I’ve no idea what this could be, and from the length of time since your post I guess no-one else knows either.

Standard suggestion: are you running the latest firmware (10EC)? If not, try an upgrade.

If it still happens with the latest firmware, it’s time to put in a Digi support request. Mention that you posted here and got no response, and the kind folks at Digi will very probably be able to come up with an answer.

And if you could then post the resolution, it will be helpful to anyone else who sees the same problem.

Yup I have 10ec. Guess I’ll get help from Digi then.