Garbage in telnet PortServer TS 8


I want to connect several FPGA boards to the Port Server TS 8 and then access them from Telnet. I have configured the port for TCP Socket and when I ocnnect through telnet I see nothing. While connected if I reboot the device I receive garbage for a few seconds. Can you please help me how can I get the board prompt instead of garbage?



There should have been a loopback plug sent with your TS8. What you can do is plug that into the Digi serial port instead of the cable to your FPGA board, then socket connect to it once again. If you see what you type you’re looping data back, so the problem would likely be the cable or a mismatch between the serial port settings of the Digi and the FPGA board. If you don’t see what you’re typing, you may have a defective unit or you may be connecting to the wrong socket.