Get connectport X3's XBee module's extended address

Hi there,

I would like to associate the ConnectPort X3’s extended address with the local_io device automatically.

Any suggestion as to how to do this? I’d like to assign it an “extended_address” property as is the case for other XBee devices.


I’m not sure my previous post is clear.
So far I only have devices inheriting from XBeeBase, that have an “extended_address” setting. And I have been using this setting for my presentation. I mean, I NEED this address.
I’m trying to use a Local_IO device, but that does not have said setting.
I see two issues I need to solve:
1/ give LocalIO an “extended_address” setting
2/ set “extended_address” to the correct value.


Can you describe your setup and application more in depth along with the zigbee firmwares you are using and which pins you are trying to use?

Are you trying to modify the iDigi Dia Drivers?

Or are you looking for some .yml settings help?

Which pins are you using on remote xbee and what you mean by cannot add extended address?

Truly, your question is not self explanatory, please explain in depth again