Getting modem manager to see Xbee Cellular 3g Modem


We want to use Xbee Cellular 3g Modems in bypass mode as described here.

However we don’t use the Digi SBC, but a TI bases system. I am stuck on that the modem manager doesn’t see it, although I configured it on a baudrate of 57600.

mmcli -L

No modems were found

Seeing that the Digi SBC has special board support files for the Digi 3G cellular modem, what is source of these modification. Does the Digi 3G require completely new drivers or is it merely a port/baudrate issue?


Try looking over

Just note that you do need to have enough current for the radio to power up properly and be seen by the OS. Otherwise it will not work.

Can we bypass more 4 Xbee Cellular 3G modem? If yes, then is it same as we bypass 2 modems?