Getting "XBee Network is not available" message on XBee Network page

Using a 900MHz ConnectPort X2 to connect to 900MHz 485 Adapters. When checking the XBee Network on the X2 I get “The XBee Network is not available”. Other times the adapters do some up on the list. Currently I am getting the network not available message. X2 running 8071 and the adapters are running 8371. When they do some up on the list the X2 and the adapters all come as routers.

How do I keep the adapters and X2 XBee on the network list and working without getting the “XBee Network is not available” message?

Are you running a python script on the gateway or are you using the Serial bypass function?

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I am running a python script.

What is the exact part number of your X2?

Has it ever worked?

Are you using sleep modes at all? If so, which ones?

The part number is ConnectPort X2D 900HP Ethernet. Running latest firmware

Sleep mode is set to 0 on X2 and all adapter routers.

What does the system report for Free memory? Both Free and free flash.

Total Memory: 16384 KB
Used Memory: 8146 KB
Free Memory: 8238 KB
Total Flash Filesystem: 1890 KB
Used Flash Filesystem: 236 KB
Free Flash Filesystem: 1654 KB

I would recommend contacting Digi technical Support to see what is going on.

In our case this happened when we set the BAUD rate (BD) to 1200

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