GFI Faxmaker software


 This is my first for the forum and my search shows nothing about GFI software.  That, in itself, doesn't make me feel too good.  I built a PC specifically to run all the faxes for the company.  I originally ran Windows XP Pro with the RAS 4-port modem, but started to experience a problem where the line disconnects, but then stays that way.  A re-boot is required to clear it and make the line available again.  That's re-booting the GFI software.  I had an acquaintance who was running the same setup but with Windows 2000.  I've tried this but experience the same problem.
 I guess the most important questions is whether or not I chose the wrong software.  You see, the jerks at GFI will not support us because it's a Digi card and they've never tested their software with it.  This software cost a lot and it's going to be my head on the block.
 Anybody want to offer suggestions?

I do not believe there is a problem with the GFI program.
However, you must configure it so that class 1 faxing is not included, as the Digi RAS modems do not support class 1 faxing.
It sounds like this will require more extensive troubleshooting than can be performed in the forum, so, please open an online Digi support request here:
Please include the installed Digi driver version and the version of GFI.
The serial number of the AccelePort RAS adapter is important, as we make different hardware versions for different country’s phone systems.

Thank you very much. I will be going to the site tomorrow evening for backups and this is when I will get the serial number, so I can open a case with Digi. I don’t know why I didn’t think to do this before, other than I assumed it was the software. I will be back in touch when I hear back from Digi.

Thanks again…Vince