Groups and Multicasts


I have a need to develop an application that has a co-coordinators and up to 5 end nodes. I want to send
the same data to all 5 end nodes and believe that Zigbee
supports this.

Question is does the ZB firmware release support this
and how do I make it work?

Any ideas?



If I understand you correctly, you are wanting to have the coordinator send the same data to 5 end nodes. I am not sure I what you mean by “Co-coordinators”. To have the coordinator broadcast to all the nodes set the “DH” to 0 and set the “DL” to FFFF. If you are using API you must specify this info in the packet.


First some clarification. Our system has a coordinator and up to 8 end nodes. This is split into 2 groups, a group of 3 nodes that send data to the coordinator (and are very sleepy) and a group of 5 nodes (which will always be on) which receive the same data from the coordinator.

I know I can make this work with a broadcast.

However, I don’t really want the data to go to the group of 3 nodes as this means I have to make the code running on these nodes ignore the broadcast. These 3 nodes are also sleepy nodes and don’t want to have to worry about data getting to them.

What I want is to implement a method that only sends the data to the group of 5 nodes.

What I therefore think I want to do is a “Multicast” to a “Group”.

The Zigbee specification clearly states this is possible (albeit optional) and the Digi documentation sort of mentions it.

So the question is can Digi’s current firmware (2x41) support this and how do I make it work as the documentation does not say.

Hope this clarifies what I’m after.