Hello, I have 2 modules Xstick2 with broken bootloader. How I can fix it?

The only thing you can try is to issue new firmware over the air or via the UART. If that does not work, then you need to either try to get an RMA or replace them.

What is RMA? Is exist any wire interface on pcb (as jtag) for help in this problem? (for download bootloader in microcontroller and then connected with XCTU)

OS Windows see module as USB Serial Port, and I think what port FTDI on the PCB work correctly and problem in microcontroller (bootloader is broken).

How do you determine that the bootloader is broken? If you cannot access because the module is sleeping you can try to enter bootloader as described for regular XBees.
To reset your XStick without unplugging it, follow these instructions
P/S: An RMA is a Return Mechandise Authorization.

XCTU don’t detect them in all cases except reset.
But, in recovery mode XCTU “was say” what rewrite firmware, but, Xstick don’t work after that. Led blinking 2 times per second.