Help in Xbee S2

i am new in xbee s2, i am using X-CTU and my project will consist of 1 Parent Xbee s2 and 2 xbee s2 end device. How will i start? how to program Xbee s2?


XBee Series S2 supports only Zigbee and ZNet networks.
If you are using Zigbee network, then set the PAN ID and SC values of the end devices same as PAN ID and SC of Parent(Coordinator). You can use X-CTU software for setting values to the modules. It is available in Digi website at the following link

Hope this helps.


Iam using Xbee S2 module.i used One module as End Device and through that by using analog pin am controlling relay by sending data from coordinator to On Devices,if Power is loss i have to send data again to ON that device,is there any solution to store data permanently in XBee s2

Hi shekar

To the best of my knowledge, on Xbee S2, there is no space available where we can store data permanently. For this purpose, we can use programmable Xbee which has 32 kb of flash memory available. See this: