Help please! ACLII+ 16k 422/485 pcb/drivers

Hi there…
We have inherited a weird problem! In an Tektronix pdr-300 video server pc.

It uses an ISA ACLII+ 16 422/485 PCB for multiple serial port remote control. These were fitted as std some years ago an many did not have their serial cards in use.

It is Model v80746441 and s/n 50600122 ACLII. the installed driver software appears to be Rocketport and even though we have configured and tried Rocketport dos diagnostic programs we cannot detect the serial card.

We tried different slots and every driver configuration we can set still to no avail. The pdr-200 install manual shows the dip sw and default settings as i/o 200 and irq=15. Sw1 all off and
It appears that it may have been manufactured for Tektronix and i cannot find any info here that matches. Yet the ident labels appear 100% to match Digi’s method of coding.

any clues on being able to get a dos disagnostic program to check these pcb,s (3 all same problem. We dont sus 3 faulty boards just no correct dsriver.)

We have a pdr-200 which uses this exact board and it also has rocketport driver installed and it works 100% But its an on air system and we cant take it offline easily!

any clues/redirection would be appreciated.

Sorry, the model and serials were transposed in previous message, ps having grown up with cpm and dos and then moved on to XP its hard dragging up the past again!

I feel i should know the answer but cant see the wood for the tree’s. We tried fitting the card back into the pdr-200 and doing a dos diagnostic test with the rocketport dirver diagnostic but feel we may not still have all the drivers that are needed.

its an pentium 133 isa and eisa motherboard setup. Nothing in the bios appears to be relevant.
Normally all other boards in th is unit have dedicated slots and this rs422 pcb is in slot j17.

The ACLII was a Stargate product product line which was purchased by Digi. This product has been obsolete for some time now, and is therefore no longer supported.

We do have some resources online which may be of use to you. This information is offered to you “as is”:

Thank you so much for the reply.

Some times its just a kick in the right direction to get us going… I tried the drivers for nt3.51 and now have action. many thanks for the help you have provided.

Excellent! Glad to hear it and you’re welcome :slight_smile: