HELP, Portserver II question

We recently lost our third power supply for our portserver II. When I put on the new one and hooked all the lines back in it powers on fine and runs through its start up test OK. The PO turns into a “6” and none of the front panel buttons work unless you hold them down for 10 seconds. Please, can anyone tell me what the “6” on the led display means? I have been through every manual offered and in all the literature there is only about 10 lines explaining what the front display means. I can log into the port server fine through the set-up port. None of my settings have changed. I also ran it through the hardware self test and it too checks out fine.I get the same result if no cables are hooked into it as when they all are. Any answers would be deeply helpfull!

Our Knowledge Base is always a good resource to check as well :wink: :

Hope that helps!