Help to do the first configuration

Hi all.

I´m new to Anywhere USB, so I read all documentation. But I can´t do the first configuration.

I´m using a Windows XP, so I follow the CD install, power on the appliance and conect the appliance to my laptop via crossover cable.

So, I need to setup a especific IP address on my laptop to get connection? In the manual is show a IP to appliance, but I can´t set an IP like to my laptop.

Any help are welcome :slight_smile:

I´m sorry about my english :wink:


Hi Eduardo,

I suggest using the following network configurations:

For your Windows XP computer:

IP address:
Subnet Mask:

For your AnywhereUSB:

IP address:
Subnet Mask

Does this help?

Hi Jeremy.

After a big “fight” and a long “nmap -sP” on a class B IP, I found the default usbanywhere IP :slight_smile:

In my case is So I set in my laptop and get access to appliance. Now all works fine.

Thanks a lot.