Help! What is the factory default IP address for the DC-ME-Y-402-C (ME 9210)?

We are trying to activate a dig ME 9210 module in all of our products. The support documentation states:

“If the device to which you will be issuing commands has not already been assigned an IP address, or if the IP address needs to be modified from its initial configuration, see the Digi product’s User’s Guide for details on configuring an IP address.”

We can find such documentation no where.

already answered here:
I believe default is to use DHCP so it will really depend on your DHCP server/router

you can discover your module using netosprog:
etosprog.exe /discover

The user guide is on the product page, but called the “Command Reference: Digi Connect Family”.

Sadly, it is a bit of a ‘kitchen-sink’ manual, meaning it covers many other things which are not the Connect ME, so you’ll have to learn to detect what is required and ignore what is unrelated.

the Command Reference guide is for devices running plug and play firmware. It does NOT apply to DC-ME-*-C which are running NET+OS custom firmware. for -C see: