Creating "Default-IP"


I’m using Digi Connect ME S-Type.
Is there a possibilty to implement a “Default-IP-Adress” in additon to the user-IP? The idea is, if the user forgot his IP, he can use the Default-IP as a backdoor to start the DC.

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Digi network devices support ADDP (Advanced Digi Discovery Protocol). ADDP provides a means in which to locate and configure any network-enabled Digi device on the network.

ADDP can discovery any device on a particular subnet, no matter how it obtained its address (DHCP, Auto-IP, static) or what its address is (even if it is

In addition, with the release of our F1 firmware Digi has implemented a feature which allows one to further customize the Connect device’s web interface as well as the default configuration utilized when one performs a factory reset on the device. For further information on customization, please contact the support group via telephone 952-912-3456 or submit an on-line support request at

With the existence of ADDP and our customization support I believe that your “Default-IP-Address” feature is, essentially, already supported. Please contact support if you do not agree and would like to clarify your request.

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Hi Cameron!

Sorry, I forgot something important to say: I’m using DC S-Type but with my own firmware. So the Digi Discovery tool won’t help (Or?).
Is there any other possibility to implement a “Default-Ip”?

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